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youth initiative

Dreamchasers United  Youth Initiative engages young men and women in a dynamic way that teaches life-skills, entrepreneurship, and pro-social skills that are essential to their future.


  • Workforce readiness

  • Financial Literacy

  • entrepreneurship

Young entrepreneur program

During the Young Entrepreneur Program students will identify needs in their community and create a business based on community needs that correlate with each students’ skills, values, and interests. Students then learn how to create a business plan and business pitch. The entrepreneurship program commences with a Shark Tank style business pitch competition hosted by Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship with the opportunity to progress to the National Competition for a chance to win seed money to begin their business.

youth empowerment program

Dreamchasers United Youth Empowerment Program - Focuses on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, character development, and workforce readiness for youth in grades 5 - 12. The curriculum is derived from Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Junior Achievement and Dreamchasers United with a heavy emphasis on goal setting, self-knowledge, and mental health/ mindfulness.

  • Mentoring

  • Character Development

  • Mental Health

  • goal setting

be change

get involved

If you are interested in participating in the Dreamchasers United Youth Initiative or partnering  with Dreamchasers United NFP
The Chicago Crime Lab has done a study on the effects of an innovative program involving counseling and activities for young men grades 7 to 10. The results were startling. Violent crime arrests among the youths who took part in the program fell by 44 percent. The program’s youths became more engaged with school both during that school year and the following year as well. Their attendance, grades, and school persistence improved.
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