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CALBOY Live in Toronto rocking Mizspelld


Darnell Carter


Tell us about yourself?

My name is Darnell Carter a.k.a. Bigman  . I grew up in Englewood, graduated from Bogan High School. My upbringing had a lot of obstacles which I overcame.  So I created the word Mizspelld, meaning behind it , is “I write my own hizstory “. Showing that it is more than one way to be successful. You predict your own future .  



How and Why did you come up with your business organization?

I came up with Mizspelld, knowing in my own mind it was more than one way to spell the word,  no one can tell me it’s incorrect spelling because “I write my own hizstory".   



What does being an entrepreneur mean to you ?

Being an entrepreneur means freedom to me.


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