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Crystal Lee

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Crystal Lee born in the Bronx, raised in both NY and Miami. My parents are from Dominican Republic and Puertorico, I guess that makes me a natural born hustler. My true passion is to travel, spend time with family or close friends, giving back and helping other is big one for me, and I love reading personal development books. My energy is always on a million, serves me and everyone around me well! When it comes to Business like my NWCL shirts state “Let’s Talk Business” I’m always up for new ideas, investments and growth !

How and Why did you come up with your business organization?

Well, to start I been in sales and in the business field for 10 years plus. Ending of 2018 I had a few close friends reach out to me for business advice, mentorship and help with their business social media pages. When we locked arms and started working together I saw their clientele and business grow fast. I then noticed how passionate I was about helping them and how good I was at what I was doing. Helping others is super fulfilling for me and that’s my main goal, to always to help someone else other than myself. Mid 2019 I decided to create a Networking/Marketing business called Network With Crystallee a.k.a NWCL. Helping new business owners create and manage their business pages. To add, coordinating, hosting, and promoting business events. Increasing business sales by personal referrals and word of mouth. Business mentorship to get these new business owners on the right mindset. Today NWCL has also launched a clothing line expressing motivational business quotes on apparel. 

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you ?

An entrepreneur to me is someone that follows theirs dreams and does not give up. A creator, leader, mentor, believer, achiever, disciplined individual. An entrepreneur doesn't have excuses, only reasons why. They think and plan long term, we just want and must leave a legacy behind for our children’s children. An entrepreneur has strong core values they stick to. With Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Peace of mind being the end results of their hard work and dedication.


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